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abusing the semi-colon, act up fight aids, adam lambert, ai 8 rpf, all the fictional women you hate, angel/buffy, archive of our own, armchair anarchism, art as activism, audiobooks on my ipod, basic black, beating my head against the wall, being freakishly well-organized, black & white photography, buffy the vampire slayer, carolina barbecue, characters of color, chilaquiles, christopher/catherine, comma splices, confessional poetry, cw rpf, don/charlie, dorianne laux, eastern band cherokee, eclipsing my own dorkiness, epistolary novels, fandom is my fandom, fictional sibling incest, frida kahlo, getting things done, hea, iced tea, indiginism, ink, j2, jacob/leah, kris/adam, kyle/sarah, language for language's sake, leah clearwater, lit, living in the south, lounging in my underwear, mac, mac cosmetics, maladaptive coping mechanisms, mercurial silences, michael/lincoln, migas for breakfast, ndnz, nina simone, numb3rs, otp, oyin handmade, pendleton, phở, post structuralism, prison break, queering pop culture, queering the text, questing for long lashes, raw honey, reading on public transportation, red, red lipstick, regional cuisine, remixing fan works, restorative justice, richard siken, ronon/teyla, rpf, rps, sam/dean, secret cabals of three, shipping in peace, slam poetry, sleeper cell, snowjob i meant blowjob, sriracha on everything, stomp dances, street tacos, supernatural, the dollanganger series, the terminator, top chef, transformative politics, transformative works, visual narratives, watching too much tv, wax seals, wit, writing every damn day, writing in lower case, writing in my moleskine, writing in the morning, writing style, writing to-do lists, you're wearing a wire!, yuletide
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